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Sturdy tower in medieval hamlet

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As part of the defense structure of the Assignano hamlet this tower with adjacent building have first been constructed around the year 1300. As it goes throughout the centuries many modifications have been made but currently the tower and house are in need of a full scale restoration. The stone walls can be preserved and modern comforts can be added. The tower has a very particular shape and can make a delightful and spacious addition to the larger spaces on the ground and first floor of the adjacent home.


The front of the tower and the adjacent building face the street leading up to the arch which gives access to the hamlet. Currently the entrance to the building is located just right of the archway, inside of the walls. A restoration however might change the lay-out and location of the front door.
The doors open into a large space which on one side is halfway dug into the ground. It features an archway halfway the room, a staircase leading up to the first floor as well as an open entrance to the tower. The first floor is accessible, the tower however is a large open space with no floors left.

A small strip of land behind the building belongs with it and could form a delightful sheltered garden. Inside the hamlet neighboring houses are well maintained and spread out to which creates a light and airy atmosphere instead of the usual narrow and dark little streets. Parking is easily possible right in front of the structure.

The area where this hamlet is located consists of rolling hills with forests, fields and boasts distant views towards of castles and open skies. There is very little traffic and a lots of peace and tranquility. At the same time however Assignano is situated a mere 2 km from the village of Pantalla with amenities among which a hospital. It also offers access to the E45 highway for easy connections to the north and south. Many stunning cities dating back to the Etrusken time are nearby like for example Todi, Orvieto, Perugia, Foligno and Assisi. The nearest airport is San Egidio at 45 km distance, Rome is approximately 155 km away.

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